PICKYEATERS - March, 2013
Pop, Push & Peel

If only we all were graced with a Ojai Pixie Tangerine tree in our backyard, terrace or living room. The 6th generation children of the Friend Family have that luxury and gave us a tour of their playground and a lesson in how to open a Pixie.

We have watched a number of children – from toddlers to teen-agers – inhale a pile of Pixies in one seating.


With only the innocence and wisdom a child can offer, we received the answer:

“Because they taste good!”

# 1: POP the Top.
      Pixies have a slight cap.
To begin, simply pop it open.
That will allow access to the fruit.

#2  PUSH your thumb gently under the skin.
Try not to push too hard; otherwise your thumb will get stuck in the segment and the juice will get all over your fingers rather than into your mouth.

#3  PEEL the skin around until it falls onto the floor.
     You should be able to do this in one piece.

#4 Unless you are in the family orchard,
pick up the peel and put it in the compost heap.

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