FARINGWELL - July 2012
Talking Tomatoes with Chef Greg Cole
Cole's Chop House & Celadon, Napa, CA

Greg Cole is a Napa Valley Marquee Chef. His two restaurants in Downtown Napa keep regulars returning for the fresh and lively food, but to his loving and good humored children, he is just dad. There are never too many tomatoes in Greg Cole’s business or his home. He offers two simple recipes plus a seasonal video to make the season of tomato rapture live large in any month.

Chef Greg Cole

Capellini Pomodoro
Serves: 4 - 6

“Summer tomato dishes are based on simplicity. There is no real secret. Use the freshest tomatoes in season, high quality olive oil, pasta, and fresh herbs. You cannot miss.”— Greg Cole
Chef/Owner, Cole's Chop House & Celadon



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  1. Combine first five ingredients, refrigerate and let marinate for 2 hours to overnight
  2. When ready to serve, heat salted water to a boil.
  3. Cook pasta until al dente, about two minutes.
  4. In a separate sauté pan, heat 1 Tbls. extra virgin olive oil while pasta is cooking.
  5. Add the marinated tomatoes and cook for two minutes.
  6. Drain the pasta, reserving a ¼ cup of the water.
  7. Add the pasta to the cooking fresh tomatoes and toss well, add the reserved pasta water.
  8. Adjust seasonings with salt and pepper
  9. Divide among four serving bowls
  10. Drizzle a few drops of extra virgin olive oil over each dish and chopped fresh basil.
  11. Finish with fresh grated Parmesan cheese

Summer Chicken Sauté with Tomatoes, Castelvetrano Olives, Chardonnay and Pasta
Serves: 4 - 6

“Castelvetranos are harvested young and cured in lightly salted brine, which accounts for their bright green hue, meaty texture, and with a mild flavor that’s both salty and sweet. If the Castelvetranos are not available, feel free to substitute other olives.”— Greg Cole
Chef/Owner, Cole's Chop House & Celadon