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Editor’s Note:  Before a serendipitous detour brought Phyllis Gillis, CEO/Founder of FoodPaths, to the world of farming and food, her previous career was spent as an author, writer, and business executive where she published three books on a variety of business, legal, and social issues. These include:  Days Like This (McGraw Hill Inc., 1986; Penguin Paperback, 1987),  hailed by The New York Times as an “engaging and suspenseful tale,” serialized by The Chicago Tribune, and optioned for television, and “Entrepreneurial Mothers,” (Rawson Associates, a division of The Scribner Book Companies, 1984; 1986; 1987), reprinted three times. A former columnist and contributing editor of Parents Magazine, her work was cited in a wide variety of media outlets including Time, Newsweek, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, and The National Law Journal.

Paralleling her public career as an author/writer, Phyllis also served as a speechwriter and ghostwriter for business executives, politicians, lawyers, and non-profit executives.  FoodPaths marks a return to her first love, writing, along with her newly acquired skills as a photographer. (Click here for more…)

Foodpaths' Phyllis Gillis featured on the "Discover Your Talent – Do What You Love" daily Podcast.

Journalist-Chef’s Experiences Lead to Stories She Is Meant to Write Interview by host Don Hutcheson

Journalist-Chef’s Experiences Lead to Stories She Is Meant to Write

Phyllis Gillis is the founder and CEO of FoodPaths®, Inc., serial storytelling connecting farmers with families at the crossroads of food. An award-winning writer and photojournalist, Phyllis brings behind-the-scenes authenticity to the stories of people who grow our food, and what we eat. Her diverse and successful career spans the worlds of journalism, business, and the culinary arts. She is formerly a contributing editor of Parents Magazine, and the author of three books.

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Seacoast's favorite Thanksgiving leftovers recipes

Portsmouth Herald ~ Seacoastoneline.comPortsmouth Herald /
by Rachel Forrest

The leftovers.

Some of us just like to have the same meal over and over again, and some get creative with the leftovers, making pot pies, casseroles and, of course, the Pilgrim sandwich in its various forms. We have one great empanada recipe from Phyllis Gillis at, a few from me from a few years ago, and one my friend Michael uses from the “Silver Palate Cookbook.” Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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“Worker Training for the New Wave of Technologies”

Wine Business MonthlyWine Business Monthly
by Phyllis Gillis

“The rapid adoption of complex mechanization in the vineyards and the wineries is not only changing the way grapes are grown and wine is made – the power of the technology is changing the way the wine industry works…

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Pop, Push & Peel

Pop, Push & PeelOjai Visitors Bureau

If only we all were graced with a Ojai Pixie Tangerine tree in our backyard, terrace or living room. The 6th generation children of the Friend Family have that luxury and gave us a tour of their playground and a lesson in how to open a Pixie.

We have watched a number of children – from toddlers to teen-agers – inhale a pile of Pixies in one seating.


With only the innocence and wisdom a child can offer, we received the answer:

"Because they taste good!”

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“The Vineyard of the Future?”

Wine Business MonthlyWine Business Monthly
by Phyllis Gillis

… the new generation of precision technologies and sophisticated, computer-driven equipment marks a new era, blurring the line between what happens in the vineyard and the crushpad, and likely to be a game-changer for the wine industry.

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FoodPaths, New Online Publication, Takes Readers Beyond the Kitchen Into the Fields of Being a Grower in an Era of Systemic Food Changes and Challenges


A new on-line publishing venture – – dedicated to putting a face on the people that grow our food and bring it to market, has been launched. The first episode features Lou Iacopi, known for his commitment to the restaurant and hospitality industry and his passion as a grower. The August episode of FoodPaths also features Chef Phil West of San Francisco’s Range restaurant, recipes from the Iacopi Family and Tips on How to Tame a Picky Eater. Iacopi Farms encompasses 165 acres of legumes (beans and peas) in Half Moon Bay, CA.

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The Wine Industry: Why is San Francisco So Integral to Its Success?

University of San Francisco School of ManagementUniversity of San Francisco School of Management
by Nicholas Meyer

“…the California wine industry is both tightly knit and open to those willing to start at the bottom to learn the business.  There are many ways into the industry,” said Phyllis Gillis.

The Flip Side of Phyllis Gillis

The Prince of PinotPinotFile
Volume 8, Issue 21
by Rusty Gaffney, M.D.

“The FlipSide of Phyllis Gillis is a humorous and spicy tale about the ‘off-road detours’ of Phyllis Gillis in a lifetime of rolling Plan B’s.  … a well-written tale, you will get a laugh out of this.”

Note:  Look for The FlipSide Redux in 2014.

Carneros Conundrum

San Francisco Chronicle
By Thom Elkjer

“… (Carneros) has what Napa had 15 years ago; a pastoral, peaceful wine region where wine and wildlife coexist…”  Phyllis Gillis, Executive Director, Carneros Wine Alliance (formerly known as the Carneros Quality Alliance)

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