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FoodPaths® is an online publication connecting farmers with families at the crossroads of food, bringing original, unscripted, multi-media episodes to audiences through the voice and lens of award-winning photojournalist Phyllis Gillis. Through its first-hand, behind-the-scenes, educational, and entertaining journeys, FoodPaths® cuts through the clutter of the fractured food world, going behind-the-scenes through text, video and photography to put a face on the real people who grow our food, the places it comes from, and how it moves from their fields to our family tables.

Phyllis Gillis Brendan Murphy

Driven through the reflective prism of Phyllis Gillis, who brings to the table long-established credentials in journalism, photography, business, and the culinary arts, and the sophisticated design and accessible technology created by Brendan Murphy and Camaleo Web Intelligence, FoodPaths® provides a uniquely spirited journey of discovery through authentic, real time stories, told through a lively digital journey combining text, photography, and videos shot on-site in the rapidly changing worlds of food and agriculture.

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